Time Warner Cable Live TV Apple iPad App Launching Today

If you own an Apple iPad or presumably the Apple iPad 2 and enjoy watching TV on your iOS device you just might like to know that as of sometime today you can grab the Time Warner Cable app for the iPad from iTunes.

According to an article over on Slash Gear and by way of the Wall Street Journal, Time Warner Cable has announced the launch of their first app for the Apple iPad, which enables the user to play live TV on their iOS tablet and will become available as of the 15th, which is of course today.

However apparently the Apple iPad app will only work if you subscribe to both Time Warner Cable Internet and video service, and said iOS app will only work in your home when the device is connected to the firms cable modem through a WiFi router.

The President and COO of Time Warner Cable, Rob Marcus has said, “Increasingly, customers want more flexibility in the way they view content, whether that’s on different devices or in different rooms of the house. For all intents and purposes … this enables you to convert any room in a house into a TV room.”

Apparently the Time Warner Cable Live TV app for the iPad is a free app and will deliver thirty basic HD cable channels for viewing, with more to be added soon.


One thought on “Time Warner Cable Live TV Apple iPad App Launching Today”

  1. Joel V says:

    Well Time Warner Cable is certainly excited about this app. However I am not impressed. Sure you can stream live TV…from only 30 channels TWC picked. Sure you can watch TV everywhere… in your home. You have to be subscribed to their internet services too? This just seems too restricted to be TV Everywhere. I am a customer of DISH Network (and employee) and I can say that the DISH Remote Access app is far more advanced than the Time Warner Cable app in every way. One major way is that you don't have to be at home just to enjoy TV. With the DRA app, you can stream anywhere you have a 3G connection on your iPad or wifi of course. Also, with the DRA app, you can choose from any channel that you can watch on TV. So with the Time Warner app, users are really missing out unfortunately.

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