iPhone 5 To Feature Dual SIM Slots: Surely Wrong

The new iPhone 5 that we are all hoping will release this year will house to SIM cards, yes dual SIM slots on the next generation Apple smartphone, which means you can have two phone lines. Surely not!

9to5Mac reports via its source iDealsChina that the iPhone 5 will have two SIM card slots, which we think cannot be right and could be a little misunderstanding. iDealsChina heard from a reliable source that this new feature would happen on the new smartphone from Apple

Could this be true or could it be the fact that the iPhone 5 will be the same as Verizon’s iPhone 4 GSM and CDMA connections? Dual SIM-cards does not have to be two slots for SIM cards but merely one card slot that allows different SIM cards.

We will keep a close eye on this one, as it is very interesting, if it does turn out to be true then all good. Imagine if you are in America and you could have an iPhone that allows you to have both Verizon and AT&T networks, or in the UK O2 and Orange (Just an example).

iDealsChina also had information on the iPhone 5 design mold, read more about that here. Please do post all your comments below; do you think the new iPhone 5 will have two SIM Card slots?


One thought on “iPhone 5 To Feature Dual SIM Slots: Surely Wrong”

  1. Mo Langton says:

    Well a lot of phone did once have this facility on them so if could happen with the new handset.

    Also because Apple are bringing new phones out every year and most UK contracts are for two years, this is anothre reason why they could do the 2 sim slots. At least if they did we would still get to use our old contract numbers as well as the new ones that we have to take out if we want to get the new handsets.

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