iPhone Hacks Times Square Video Screens

Ever wanted one of your videos shot on your iPhone to be shown on a big public video screens, say like the ones in Times Square? Well apparently if you have an iOS smartphone you can and it would appear without too much difficulty as the video below shows.

The iPhone video hack of Times Square video screens footage comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Daily iPhone Blog and by way of iSpazio and YouTube user BITcrash44 and shows you how to hack your video onto one of the public video screens.

Basically all you do is plug a transmitter into your iPhone and record your video, the transmitter instantly sends your footage to a video repeater, which if held close to a video screen will override the video screen to show your video and it doesn’t matter what size or shape the hacked screen is as the iPhone hack video retains its dimensions.

It’s kind of nifty although of course you run the risk of being detained by security if you’re caught as no doubt the video screen owners and advertisers wont like you interrupting their footage. But it’s a neat trick so hit that play button and check out the footage…enjoy.

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