Japan Tsunami Chillingly Captured on Video

I know that this isn’t really mobile phone related but with quite a few carriers announcing free calls to Japan I thought it would be an idea to post some video footage of the tsunami coming ashore which I haven’t seen before, and I have to say it’s quite chilling.

My colleague Mark earlier posted an article on AT&T and Verizon both offering free calls and text to Japan from the US and other carriers are also stepping up to the mark in this natural disaster.

The video below comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Gizmodo and by way of CNN and shows just how unrelenting the Earth’s natural resources can be, no matter how technologically advanced we might be.

The video shows the almost total destruction of Minamisanriku and is quite upsetting to watch, but the world needs to see these things to remind us all that no matter how advanced we become, how sure of ourselves in our technological ability, nature is always more powerful.

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