HTC Thunderbolt Release Date & Price Official: You Still Want One

Now that we all officially know the release date is March 17th and the price starts from $249.99 do you still want one? We just want to know what our readers think about the smartphone still.

Yes the release date of March 17 is now official and you can read more about that here, the Verizon Wireless and HTC websites will obviously update soon as Thursday get’s closer but the new press release can be read via our previous article above.

Many of you have wished for news on release dates and price of the HTC Thunderbolt and with some getting very annoyed with the wait, but now you know the details has the excitement gone, is the phone not what you want anymore? There are so many questions to ask so we will keep this one simple.

Below we have put a poll together and we would love for you to give us your answers via voting, just simply read the question and click the relevant field of choice and submit it.

[poll id=”258″]


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