Windows Phone 7 Buries Microsoft Zune: RIP & Condolences

It is looking like out with the old and in with the new especially when you think about Windows Phone 7 buries Microsoft Zune, is this where we say RIP and send in your condolences.

Apple has always dominated the market when it comes to iPods etc but to see and end of an era such as the Microsoft Zune will be upsetting to many current customers, 9to5Mac reports via Bloomberg that Microsoft is pulling the plug on any new versions of the Zune music player.

Any existing Microsoft Zune’s on the market will still stay on sale, you cannot say that Microsoft has not tried with the music player because they introduced the new Zune HD but this never went that great, so welcome to the new kid on the block called Windows Phone 7.

It is WP7 that is burying the Zune if we were to hazard a guess, if you are a Zune owner please let us know what your thoughts are in the commenting area provided below. Microsoft Zune RIP and Condolences to Zune lovers.


2 thoughts on “Windows Phone 7 Buries Microsoft Zune: RIP & Condolences”

  1. Absolutely love the Zune HD and regard it as much superior to the iPod (which is also very nice). The problem with Microsoft is that they don't do a good job of innovating, which keeps them behind the curve. Once they got Zune right–as opposed to the early brown bricks–it was a brilliant piece of technology. However, Apple already had the iPod on the market for YEARS. Now, they're behind the curve again with the WP7, but admittedly, I'll be purchasing one because I love the Zune integration. Once Microsoft got it right, it really became that good. They've just got to start innovating.

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