Big Cup Cricket Android SIM App Release: Availability

If you love cricket then this Sim android game will be just for you, welcome to ‘Big Cup Cricket’ by Square Enix that is available from free.

Beautiful Game Studios part of Square Enix has a fantastic game for the Android platform and is available in Europe, North America and Canada, there is a free version of this game or you can opt for the premium version for £2.50, download via Android Market.

Below this article is a YouTube video courtesy of Championship Manager, this game features challenge and tournament modes and all you need to do is swipe and flick to control direction, and of course speed and position of both bat and ball.

For more information about BIG CUP CRICKET visit www.bigcupcricket.com or Facebook – facebook.com/bigcupcricket

Please let us know what you think of Big Cup Cricket, let other readers know if it is a good game or not.

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