BlackBerry PlayBook Release Date iPad 2 Facetime Style Chat

The iPad 2 has now been released and it features FaceTime video chat, well the latest news reports that the BlackBerry PlayBook might feature the same style chat. This new tablet is going to be release anytime now

There is a lot of speculation about this tablet’s release date but according to many sources such as TechRadar the release should be somewhere in April, it is looking like April 17 but we here at PhonesReview will not commit to that yet.

TG Daily reports that the new BlackBerry PlayBook will feature an iPad 2 FaceTime style video chat and that the peer-to-peer video-conferencing application will be Rim’s own work, apparently.

If this is the case how well will the BlackBerry Playbook do right up against the likes of the iPad 2 by Apple. David Heit, RIM’s VP of enterprise strategy, let slip news of the BlackBerry-made app, telling CIO that the app will be released “very soon”.

Will the cameras on the BlackBerry PlayBook be better than the Apple iPad 2? If you consider that the PlayBook has a 1GHz processor is this better than the iPad 2? Apparently the iPad 2 is only kicking out 900MHz.

The iPad 2 is better on the app front with so much to offer and the display is 10-inches, what would you prefer the iPad 2 or the BlackBerry Playbook? Please do vote below on our poll system.

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6 thoughts on “BlackBerry PlayBook Release Date iPad 2 Facetime Style Chat”

  1. Guest says:

    but the real question is – will Apple's facetime, blackberry's "facetime", android's facetime all be able to interface with one another??? Getting to the point where a person with an i-pad can communicate with a person with a blackberry, android, etc and vice versa is the key to nirvana.

    1. Glenda says:

      Face Time is an Apple exclusive app. You can't make video calls to other platforms. With Apple you must have an iPad 2, iPod touch or iPhone 4. That's the problem with Apple. Not everybody has an iPhone4. So it's useless if the people related to you don't have it.

  2. pcow says:


    If you want to buy a tablet then I suggest you catch an iPad 2. It’s features so fantastic. I’ve found Youtube video on:


    This year really is full for Apple’s success. I wish next we will get iPad 3, iPad 4 etc. Just wait…….

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