Hands-On Review: Proporta Aluminium Lined Leather iPhone 4 Case

We have got our hands on the ‘Aluminium Lined Leather iPhone 4 Case’ courtesy of Proporta and we will give this our personal review, we will let you know what we think of this case in detail.

Proporta has many different products and their cases are superb and we are not just saying that because we have this case, they are of top quality and reasonably priced. The aluminium lined leather iPhone 4 case that we have here has been handcrafted with the finest leather and is built to secure and protect your iPhone 4 smartphone whilst still have available access to all the buttons and charging port.

First Impressions
Our first impressions of the packaging and case was a very good one, even the package was of quality with a viewing window and a circular cut out so that you could have a little feel of the case.

Fitting With Ease
Fitting the iPhone 4 into the case was very easy indeed, all you have to do is flip the case lid and slide the smartphone in. There was no struggle or tight fit, which means if you need to retract the handset you can do so with ease.

In The Case
When the iPhone 4 is in the case the home button is covered with the Proporta leather logo, which must admit is a nice touch unlike a lot of cases that have this part cut out to reveal the home button. When you press the Proporta home button it still responds as if it was not there at all if not better.

Give Your iPhone 4 Some Respect
We prefer leather cases because when you think of paying in excess of £600 for a smartphone why would you want to cover it with a hard cheap looking case, even those Apple bumper cases are not as good looking as the ‘Aluminium Lined Leather iPhone 4 Case’.

Looking At Quality
The quality of the case is superb, black and cream leather and within all that there is an aluminium plate lining to give it strength, it also has stitched edges to give it that extra touch of quality even though some may say it is not the best hand-stitching you have ever seen (We think it has been hand stitched).

If We Had To Pick Holes

Like it says above if we had to pick holes and trust us it is not a massive hole that you need to get air lifted out would have to be on the inside, when the iPhone 4 is in the case there is a little flap at the top left hand corner of the face, but this is down to this particular part being quite thin. If you have big thumbs or fingers operating the touchscreen keyboard near the edges can be quite tricky.

Our Summary
Overall we would recommend the Proporta ‘Aluminium Lined Leather iPhone 4 Case’ because it has that quality feel, stunning look and gives the iPhone 4 the protection it needs and at only £29.95 ($42.95) with lifetime warranty we believe this is a fantastic price. You will see a picture below of a Yorkshire teabag that Proporta sent us with the case, this is a nice touch and want to say thanks as whilst reviewing this product we had a lovely cup of strong tea (Send some coffee next time please).

Head on over to Proporta right now and bag yourself a fantastic case and a very respectable price, please do scroll down a little below this review and check out the hands-on video courtesy of Proporta as this will give you that little push to do the right thing. Before the YouTube video check out our hands-on photos that we took, comments most welcome.

The Photos

Thanks For The Tea

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2 thoughts on “Hands-On Review: Proporta Aluminium Lined Leather iPhone 4 Case”

  1. ChrisH says:

    I have one for 4 months now. It's a good case bar one exception. One that I didn't properly deal with and has cost me a new screen. Hold it at the wrong angle with the flip bit open and it just slides out. Received a call, kids distracted me, didn't close the flap – smash. The sides of the holder do not exert any clamping or resistance force. I am looking for another cover now. that has extruded plastic at the top so the phone clips in as it were.

  2. JBR says:

    Just bought one of these for the wife (er indoors) and found it to be perfect. I suspect there have been ongoing improvements, as ours it slightly different here and there to the reviewed model. The iPhone 4S fits perfectly and there is no way the phone is going to slip out, as other posters have suggested. One good feature that I particularly like is that the stitched protruding edge makes holding the phone much more secure and it is most unlikely to slip from your hand.
    Unfortunately, we didn’t receive a free tea bag, but a nice union flag badge!

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