Verizon White iPhone 4 a Possibility

Recently there have been rumours that that Apple object that’s more rare than seeing a Pegasus may actually materialise some time in the spring, of course I am talking about the white iPhone 4. However it wasn’t know if Apple did manage to pull off the white version of the iPhone 4 whether Verizon would get it.

Well apparently the Verizon iPhone 4 in white just might be a possibility as according to an article over on Phone Dog and by way of Macrumors, a Macrumors reader was doing some delving into iTunes 10.2 resource files and found something quite interesting.

Apparently the reader came across an icon for the CDMA white iPhone 4 and it shows the antenna gap at the top of the device so is definitely a CDMA model, and as Verizon is the only carrier in he US using a CDMA iPhone, put two and two together and you come up with a Verizon white iPhone 4.

Now of course locating an icon of the device in iTunes doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed that Apple will deliver a white CDMA iPhone, but obviously someone spent time making the icon on the presumption that there would be a white Verizon iPhone at some point.

So for what it’s worth, there is a possibility that we will see Verizon gain the white iPhone 4 at some point, would you purchase the white CDMA iPhone from Verizon?


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