AT&T and T-Mobile: The Union and Competition Debate

The latest news covering AT&T buying T-Mobile USA for $39 billion is very interesting indeed and we would like to ask a few questions for your answers.

Even though AT&T is acquiring T-Mobile USA, PhonesReview colleague James reported that T-Mobile will remain an independent company but we would like to ask what will happen on the union front, AT&T is union and T-Mobile is non-union and that leaves us with the question “Will T-Mobile stay non-union or will they enter the union?”

There are so many questions that are very important, two separate companies offer healthy competition but of course once two become one that competition is no longer there and that could mean many bad things such as prices go even higher than they already are and of course the possibility of job cuts. This is all speculation but still worth thinking about, what are your thoughts?

We did mention in an earlier article that T-Mobile customers will be billed the same as they are today and that even though AT&T is buying T-Mobile, T-Mobile will not be getting the Apple iPhone.

Reading the latest RedState article earlier they mention “With 42,000 unionizable T-Mobile employees and the potential of raking in 1.3 percent of their paychecks–an estimated $15 million in union dues each year–top union boss Larry Cohen wasted no time on Sunday declaring the union’s interest in unionizing the T-Mobile employees”.

Please do post all your comments in the area provided below this article, your views are very important. You the customer should always have your say because it is you that could win or lose when two firms become one.

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