BlackBerry Protect Open Beta Security UK Download: Backup Now

We had an email today announcing that RIM (Research In Motion) now has BlackBerry Protect open beta in play, the new security and back-up application is now available for download for UK users.

BlackBerry Protect for BIS is a free application for customers and will allow users to backup wirelessly, they will also be free to restore and remotely find or should we say ‘Locate’ the users BlackBerry smartphones.

It has happened to many of us where we misplace our phone or indeed it gets stolen or lost, well BlackBerry Protect is something worth considering because it not does the above it also features remote device lock, remote device wipe, remote geo-location using the GPS, remote activation and more.

BlackBerry Protect will offer you peace of mind, the service is totally free and The Register mentions that it is free for the moment and that made us think if RIM will actually charge for this service once it becomes popular in the UK. What do you think?

Please visit BlackBerry Protect main page and BlackBerry App World for more information, your comments are most welcome in the area provided below

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