iPad 2 UK Availability Time 5PM, Resellers Too

All of you that is waiting on the new Apple iPad 2 in the UK need not worry about the delays that your are hearing or reading, there is no delay in dates but just time. The iPad 2 availability UK time is 5PM and this includes resellers.

ITProPortal by way of PCR-Online’s Matt Grainger reports that the iPad 2 will be available from 5PM UK time, ok this is a time delay but when we see the word delay we automatically think it is not going to release on March 25, it is so do not worry.

The new tablet PC was going to be available Friday morning but do not panic as it will be all fine by 5PM, this means all Apple Stores will not be getting the iPad 2 Friday morning for its UK launch. Resellers such as Carphone Warehouse, Argos, John Lewis, Best Buy, Currys, Expansys and many more coerced by Apple to the slight time delay.

Looks like staff in all stores selling the new iPad 2 will have to work a little later than expected, so instead of an all day sale on Friday, sales will be crammed into 2 to 3 hours Friday evening. Please visit Apple UK for more information on the upcoming iPad 2 for features and details etc.


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