iPhone 5 June Release Date Revealed & New Parts Photos

The news surrounding the new upcoming Apple iPhone 5 and its release date is getting very hot under the collar to say the least and if all true a June release date is looking good, we will also let you know about some new parts photos showing the iPhone 5’s casing.

The Motley Fool on MSNBC is reporting that the iPhone 5 will be available from June 20, 2011. We all know that the white iPhone 4 is releasing June 20th and Apple Marketing Phil Schiller verified this via Twitter. Now the question is will they release the white iPhone 4 or a new iPhone 5? Just a simple question we felt we should ask.

Apparently the iPhone 5 will come to Market June 20, we all know that Apple WILL NOT release at the white iPhone 4 and the iPhone 5 at the same time and considering Apple always releases a new iPhone in June we are suspecting it will be a new smartphone and not just a new colour, we could be wrong but we are only going on past releases.

Looking at other news covering the new iPhone 5 comes via MacRumors by way of China Times Reports (via GadgetsDNA) showing new photos of the metal chassis, MacRumors titled it article “iPhone 5 Due in Q3, 4-Inch Screen, Metal Chassis?”

China Times Reports (Photo Below) shows the metal chassis and suggests that this new metal rim will help with signal as it will be the main antenna sensitivity, it will also be a 4-inch touchscreen smartphone. It is looking like the iPhone 5 will look like the iPhone 4 so not much in the way of design change here, the photo below shows the iPhone 4 and 5 casings side-by-side.

The Apple iPhone 5 may also support both GSM and CDMA networks just like the Verizon iPhone as we know this works. We will bring you more news as it comes in; keep updated by joining us on either Facebook or Twitter.


6 thoughts on “iPhone 5 June Release Date Revealed & New Parts Photos”

  1. Tim Regan says:

    Phil Schiller tweeted that a white iPhone is coming, in response to a question he was asked. NEVER said it was the iPhone 4. The media, like antenae-gate, misinterrupted it and ran with it. Think about it, why would Apple release a brand new version of the iPhone, as well as an outdated version of the older model? More than likely, the white iPhone will be the iPhone 5 and not the 4.

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