HTC Thunderbolt Users Decision: Your Choice

The HTC Thunderbolt was released March 17th and looking into it there are some happy and not so happy customers, the ones that are not jumping for joy are those experiencing battery life problems and this seems like it is not happening to all users.

This is were we decided to put a poll together to see how many HTC Thunderbolt users are actually happy or slightly disgruntled with the new smartphone, we have put a poll together keeping the choices fairly simple.

Yesterday we reported that many customers were experiencing battery life issues where only 4 hours was all you was getting, using the smartphone on LTE network resulted in some cases 2.5 hours. Please do post all your comments below as we would love to hear if you are having problems with battery life.

Today our colleague James reported by way of Engadget that HTC Thunderbolt users are having mobile hotspot problems, we would also like to hear from you also.

The poll below is very simple to use and all we would like for you to do is pick your choice and submit, let the votes come in as this will allow us and of course our readers know if The HTC Thunderbolt brings happy customers or not so happy customers.

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7 thoughts on “HTC Thunderbolt Users Decision: Your Choice”

  1. Vince says:

    Yesterday I got 3 hours on my Thunderbolt at work, it died completely at 10AM. I went home and plugged it in without turning it on and let it go overnight. So far today, sitting in the same seat at work, I have 80% battery and have used it more than yesterday so far.

    It may be the simple fact of people "conditioning" the battery, doing a full shutoff to overnight charge…and when I say overnight charge I mean not just waiting until it looks like its 100% charged, let it sit there until the 99% hits 100%.

    Yesterday = furious
    Today = elated

  2. SadBatteryGirl says:

    Love, love, love, the phone…hate, hate, hate the battery life…come on now, what's the sense in having an amazing device if you have to constantly worry about not being able to use it?

  3. We bought two Thunderbolts March 17. The sales rep told us we could run Skype, but Skype does not work. We are using Tango instead, until Skype is available. Both phones run hot while running Tango. Not sure if it’s the drain on the battery, the processor, the cameras, or a combination of all three? We only have 3G where we live, but have 4G at work. The 4G is noticeably faster, but the battery life is only about 4 hours compared to 5-6 hours while on 3G, and even less, about 2-3 hours while running Tango or other apps. We will certainly keep the home chargers and car power cords close by! The Hot Spot set-up was fast and easy and the link to my laptop worked very well for several hours. My laptop ran noticeably faster while surfing online compared to the previous tether link to my Blackberry. A hard rubber tip stylus pen makes maneuvering and typing a breeze with no smudging. All in all we are both very happy with our new phones, and will continue to watch for improved battery options. Fuzz – East Bay, CA

  4. Shariar Makarechi says:

    The battery life is very low.
    Skype and many other Android 2.2 compatible software do not work on 4G LTE yet.
    can not switch back to 3G to avoid 4G problems.
    still there is no support for Persian and Arabic language.

    1. Hossein Madani Ghomi says:

      Hi, are you Iranian? I'm an Iranian and I live in UK. this model doesn't show yet here.
      I want to ask you what do you feel about it?
      I have HTC Touch Diamond. I bought it 4 years ago. Now I'm looking for new device and I want to buy a new model of HTC. So last week I decided to buy HTC Desire HD suddenly I saw HTC Thunderbolt. Now I don't know which one is better?
      Could you please let me know what do you feel with HTC Thunderbolt? and How much you paid?
      best wishes

  5. guest says:

    idk how people r only getting 4-5 hours, im getting a good days worth(10-12hrs). I use the phone a lot too, texting, surfing, playing angry birds, and talking.

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