Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9 Prices and Release Date Revealed

For the Android faithful out there that have been waiting to get their hands on the two now Samsung Galaxy Tablets, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, the prices and release of those Android tablets has now gone official.

According to an article over on Engadget, old Sammy has now gone all official with their Apple iPad 2 challengers, announcing that the WiFi model of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 will hit US streets as of the 8th of June sporting a price tag of $499 for the 16GB model, while the 32GB model will hit your pocket for 599 bucks.

As for the 10.1’s smaller sister, the Android 3.0 Honeycomb packing Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, apparently Sammy hasn’t given a hard and fast release date and has opted in stead to say the device will become available early summer.

However price wise the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 WiFi model will command a price tag of $469 for the 16GB tablet while the 32GB version will command a price tag of some $569.

So there you have the prices for the WiFi enabled Galaxy Tabs along with June release for one and early summer release for the other, so are you of a mind to snap up one of them when they hit?


31 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9 Prices and Release Date Revealed”

  1. Cmc says:

    I was going to buy the wifi-only Froyo 7" Tab in early April. Now I think that I'll wait until the release of the Honeycomb 8.9" Tab this summer. Hopefully, Samsung won't do like they did with the 7" release, with the contract-tethered versions first, and the wifi-only non-contract release held up for months!

    1. Paul says:

      Does anyone have any idea when the 7" Wifi Galxy Tab will be released? All of the dates that I've seen haven't panned out. I know that the later generations will be "better," but I actually want the smaller one.

  2. rjcurreri says:

    good price but thats a mighty long time…although I didnt like the way the xoom felt in my hands(felt bloated and heavy compared to the ipad) so it sounds like ill be counting the days to june 8

  3. Stephen says:

    Same price as I-pad 2 – you've got to be joking. Apple is a premium brand with excellent software, Samsung is a wannabee with poor software. Get real.

    1. James says:

      This is lighter, thinner, more powerful, has a better screen with higher resolution, better cameras, more features, more freedom, better OS. This wipes the floor with the iPad 2, and is worth a hell of a lot more. I couldn't give a crap if it has an Apple logo on it.

    2. Pitt says:

      @Stephen – Samsung supply Apple roughly 60% of the components which go to make up the ipad 2. Therefore, if Samsung is wannabee then Apple is too.
      Your comment on Apple being a premium brand with excellent software is interesting, are you suggesting the OS is excellent or the software which can be loaded onto it is excellent. If the former, then I would agree, it does the very simple and limited things it was design to do well. If the latter then that's down to all those thousands of individual developers out there being creative and writing software based on the apple OS. I wouldn't necessarily give credit to Apple for the developers efforts. And remember, if it can be written for one OS it can be written for any other modern OS, and yes I mean Honeycomb.
      People will still talk to you if you admit that Honeycomb is a superior tablet operating system, heck they might even start to like you. It's actually nicer to get off a bandwagon than it is to get on one.

  4. MoGa says:

    for god sake, 2 months from now!! I can't wait this long, plus if everyone else can't wait like me and bought iPad 2 how the hell Samsung will compete iPad 2 when no one is there to buy it. I'm so disappointed

  5. PaP says:

    MoGa, go and buy your apple, who cares and why are you commenting? Some of us will wait and get want we think is important rather than something to show off with.
    Please go, put your gap hoody top and retro puma trainers on, fluff up your hair, pull your jeans below your arse and get your ipad2 … then go to star bucks , get a low fat, soya, caffeine free moca choca chino and sit there and play angry birds in unparalleled graphic quality. Yeah.

  6. NY1978 says:

    Nice PaP. 2 months is nada. And yeah, it's better to wait for something that we want, rather than buy what everyone thinks we should buy.

  7. EST says:

    iPad 2 i understand. But Xoom and Galaxy are right on each others backs. Xoom is a bit more expensive, but it is available now! NOW i'm in a dilemma.

  8. Prince-W says:

    if all tablet are in same price, then i just go for iPad 2.

    iPad 2 (iOS) = peace of mind, less error. Suite for Beginner & Intermediate users.
    Android tablet = open source, too many customizable features, might need to solve various errors. Suite for Advance users.

    1. pitt says:

      What are we classing as an advanced user these days? Someone who has the ability to think and choose a product outside of the Apple bubble?
      If a person who is able to operate honeycomb is classed as 'advanced' then what sorry state are you in when you can only operate iOS? I would suggest staying in bed every morning and not endangering the rest of the able population.
      Is there a test one can take to grade themselves?
      "Well done Barry you managed to seperate the two rows of metal teeth at the front of your leg clothes before you began to urinate, but sadly you forgot to part the second level of protection known as your under pants, which unfortunately means you've P1$$ed yourself. But don't worry, you've been awarded an Intermediate badge! which means you qualified to use an iPad! Congratulations."

  9. SDS says:

    I like that it has a micro sd card slot. I also like that the 8.9 is a little more portable. Does anyone know if the glass on all these tablet devices breakable or not. I mean if you drop it from a normal distance while using it?

    1. pitt says:

      Anything is breakable. Depends on what you are dropping onto and what you class as a normal distance. Are you outside, on a train, watching TV? What would you drop onto, concrete, grass, carpet? Are you sitting, standing, walking?
      It will probably be gorilla glass, like the last tab and the galaxy S2 smartphone. It's tough. Look it up.

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