Apple iPad 2 Stock In UK Runs Dry: Got Yours

The latest iOS tablet from the Apple stable went on sale in the UK as of Friday, and it would appear that demand for the Apple iPad 2 was so heavy that UK stock of the device, just 24 hours after becoming available, has been depleted.

According to an article over on Pocket-lint, the guys did some checking with UK stores that were offering the Apple iPad 2 and have found that you just can’t find the Apple tablet still up for grabs across the UK.

Apparently the guys spoke to the Covent Garden and Regent Street Apple flagship stores as well as Tottenham Court Road’s Curry’s and PC World along with Oxford Street’s Carphone Warehouse and Phones4U and all have run out of stock.

The guys can also confirm that Bristol, Birmingham and Manchester along with all premium Apple reseller, Cancom for England, Scotland and Wales are all out of stock of the Apple iPad 2, with a sales rep in Bristol stating that the whole Southwest of England are out of stock.

Thus it would appear that you can’t at this moment get your hands on the next generation Apple iPad and there’s no guarantee stores will replenish stocks today, so currently in the UK the only option is to order online, but that will come with a three to four week delivery time.

So how did it go for you on Friday, did you manage to get your Apple iPad 2 before stock ran dry or were you left iPad 2- less and now hoping your local store will restock soon? Feel free to let us know by shouting out in our comments area below.


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  1. John Severs says:

    I went to the Solihull store on Friday and the queue was so big I decided to go home. Went back first thing in the morning but they had completely sold out. I asked about the Bull Ring store and they didn't have any left either. I tried a couple of other stores like John Lewis but eventually gave up and ordered one online. Expected delivery date is May 2nd ! This is my first experience of the madness that surrounds Apple products, I have never bought one before.

  2. Tobias says:

    took one look at the queue on Friday and gave it a miss. Seems there may be backlight bleeding problems so be better to try out a copy in the store when there is less of a crush.

  3. Jonathan says:

    Went to pc world on Friday but the queue was too long and I was told that they would be sold out by the time I get to the front. Put my name down for their next delivery but not heard from them. Spent all Saturday trying to find somewhere that still had stock but no luck. I did however checked pc world website Sunday morning and they had some available. Ordered straight away and should be getting it by the end of the week! Result!

    1. Vivienne says:

      I did the same on Saturday, but when I received no email, I called their customer service to be told that they had no stock and had ordered for me. I asked for the order to be cancelled, and suggested that it might have been polite to have advised me of this as I had taken the website at face value with the 3-5 day delivery. Good luck with yours

  4. Mark Rawlings-Lloyd says:

    Wandered down to comet in Perth, Scotland at 4.55pm on Friday afternoon, more out of curiosity, and there was a queue of 5 people, joined the line, one of the employees came down the line and asked which model I wanted, and then handed me a scrap of paper with a number on it. By 5.05pm I had my new 16gb iPad in hand, I asked at checkout how many I pads they had been allocated and they told me they had 12 models delivered to them the day prior and would not be getting anymore until Monday or Tuesday. To be honest I was sup prised to get one so early, and even more sup prised they were stocking it for launch in Perth.

  5. Ell says:

    I don't understand how this always happens. Apple know that there will be a great demand yet they don't build enough stock. You don't have to be good at Maths to know that their new products will be a sellout. iPhones and iPads always cause an upstir when they come out yet Apple don't address this issue. Now us normal folk that have a life and refuse to queue for 33 hours like an idiot will have to wait until May probably to be able to walk into a shop and buy one just like that. Their biggest success may one day be their biggest failure and customers will end up buying other products.

    1. Chris E says:

      Yes but by doing this they are increasing the hype and hard-to-get-ness of their products, which further boosts sales when the stock does arrive as people are more excited and will go to greater lengths to get one. Look at the news hype this has generated – if there was plenty of stock and everyone got one, there wouldn't be articles like this around, and the news coverage would be far less. Doing it this way, they are essentially getting extra free publicity which will only be a good thing for them…

  6. A Pritchard says:

    I failed to get an Ipad 2 on Friday. I booked the morning off work to buy one only to find out the 5pm release time a few days before and I could not change. Went to main Apple stort locally just to be sold that the queue was closed as the stock had been allocated. All other stores locally also sold out. Local PC World and Curry's had limited launch stocks.
    As usual Apple presale communication is poor, it is almost that they prefer mis-information to giving clear instructions. Nobody knows when a restock will happen. Why is it that Apple always leaves a bitter taste in the mouth?

  7. Marco says:

    I arrived at the Bristol Apple store 4:10PM on Friday and the queue looked ok as some people had been there since 3:30AM. there were giving out water and coffee which was a nice touch. The guy in front of me got the last IPad reserve card but I decided to stay in the queue just in case someone decides to change there mind….lucky for me I turned down two as there were 3G and then my lucky card was played “64 WIFI” bring it on! Patience pays off! The new Ipad 2 rocks

  8. Gareth says:

    I ordered 2 via Apple's online store. My order is time stamped at 0058 on 25th March, even though it wasn't supposed to be open for iPad 2 sales until 0100. However, I am being told I won't receive them until 26th April. This is a very strange situation as Apple must have dedicated stock to its online store, otherwise why open it earlier than the regular retailers and I just don't believe that I was late in the queue for online sales as I ordered before they were supposed to go onsale ! I called the Customer Services people but got no real sense as to why it was taking so long. Also told it would take 11 days from dispatch from the warehouse (in the UK) to reach me ! For a company so focused on Customer Experience, this is a very bad one.

  9. It is not surprising to see iPad 2 to surpass every tablet in terms of sales. Maybe Xoom has a better camera and a bigger memory but in terms of speed connection, Apple iPad 2 is the obvious winner. Maybe the biggest test that iPad will face in the coming months is the release of Samsung Galaxy 10.1 and 8.9. It is said that these 2 tablets are thinner, has a better camera, and includes flash support. The only question will be the speed connection of these new Samsung devices.

  10. Anna Beta says:

    Tried to get one from PC World- they ran out of the one I wanted (64GB 3G) by the time they got to me- but only just … and I looked at the devices and decised that I really wanted black, as the white ones were a little cheap looking to my eyes. Then went to the Orange store- they had one, but only on contract, so I left it. Then on to the Apple store- huge queue (maybe 250 people), ran out of everything well before me.

    Sad me… then went home and sulked for a bit. But- what about online? Apple store obviously a no-go: 3-4 week waiting times by then. Tried general news searches, then online shops. No mention at all on Amazon; none on Argos; sold out everywhere else. Then I came across a press release from Argos- they released stock in their stores on Friday, but online sales would start on Saturday… opportunity!

    Got up at 6:30am on Saturday, went on to Argos site- all iPad 2 models in stock! For Monday delivery! Bought the one I wanted. Checked back on Argos site- all models sold out by Sunday evening. Just received confirmation of delivery (today, Monday, as promised).

  11. PHB says:

    Missed out on Friday…..but just happened to look on Currys site Sunday morning, and some models available…..should be getting mine this week 🙂 result!

  12. Gavin jones says:

    I went to the Apple reseller in Chester on saturday morning, no queue and bought one of the remaining 16gb wifi only, didn't feel the need for the 3g as iPhone 4 now has personal hotspot

  13. Luckily (?) I live in a town where there are few outlets but even less interest. Got mine at 2nd attempt thanks to brother's driving. It's excellent and great fun to use – even better than my last one 😉
    The stock allocation was appalling though. 12 total for Currys/PC World and 7 in Comet, so 19 for whole town. Deliberately short stocking IMHO.

  14. sleepless says:

    I waited until Saturday morning before going to try and get one as te lines on Friday were too long. I thought i would chance it first at the Currys on Oxford Street and guess what, they had 1 last 16g white iPad 2 and also still a few black ones in stock.

    I got the white one right away and as I walked out the shop, heard 2 otehr people enquiring about the white model 16gb, am very happy I mange to get the last white one in that Currys store and on a Saturday as well avoiding the long queues 🙂

  15. Simon says:

    Bought mine in Bluewater, when it there (about 3:45) there were hundreds in the Q at the apple store & 30 ish at John Lewis. I strolled to Carphone Warehouse where the q was ….zero! I was out of the store by 5:15, with my 32gb in hand. Then this gets strange, I went to the folks at the back of the apple Q and told them thatthere was not q at CPW…nobody moved…one guy said it was fun in the Q!!!!!

  16. Ed Davis says:

    Got mine at HMV Oxford Street and queued for only 5 mins. they were taking reservations throughout the day. It appears that everyone forgot about HMV as a stockist

  17. Vants says:

    Got mine this afternoon at Argos, after a quick search of stores by post code found one 10 minutes away which I reserved online. 20minutes later it was in my hand…
    The staff said they are getting them in stock in ones and twos so worth keeping a check on their website.

  18. Crapple says:

    Went to my local Orange store to purchase the White 32Gb 3G version. They received stock of ONE SINGLE device which was the highest spec model. The flagship Orange store in the centre of London only received FOUR devices. Pathetic!

  19. Benny P says:

    in san francisco for work and thought being as its 2 weeks since launch here and san fran is the home of apple the flagship store has got to have them. Nope not a sniff. Told they are delivered daily but you have to queue each morning. Will have to try tomorrow evening and wednesday to see if im in luck The price is also about £100 cheaper so if i fail ill wait until im over again in a couple of months and pick one up then.

  20. Jonathan says:

    Was easy … woke up by the kids on Saturday morning, logged onto Argos website, only had White one left, ordered 9 months interest free, delivered, Monday morning 🙂

  21. Dirk says:

    Has anyone else thought of buying WiFi-only iPad2 and then use one of those 3 MiFi devices to create mobile WiFi spot. I think the MiFi units are only about £50 – which is cheaper than the £100 Apple charging for the additional 3G connectivity. Anyone used MiFi – good, bad?????

  22. Mike Ketteringham says:

    PC world have some in their warhouse, you can buy now (pay that is) and collect on Tuesday 5th April 2011. Only 12 per store.

    Happy hunting.

  23. R. Edwards says:

    Have ordered mine on release day from apple online store still not shipped yet. Needless to say the email from apple today asking what I thoughtn of the device was not well recieved.

  24. Kieran MaC says:

    Poor communication (try and phone an Apple store and see how long you have to wait to speak to someone with a simple question like are they in stock), a deliberate(i think) stock shortage .. Visiting the Regent Street London store on Thursday , where queues were still horrendous and Apple staff being either rude or just ignoring me completely as i stood to wait to be acknowledged.. Apple seem to think that it is our privalege to been their customer .. No Apple… its your privalege to have us as customers .. I have a number of Apple products but their attitude and disasterous/ manipulated launches are making me rethink that maybe the Apple has fallen from the tree and is begining to rot.. Steve Jobs.. pull your finger out!!!

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