Xoom Challenges iPad 2 in Comparison Fight Videos

For anyone that may still be sitting on the tablet fence when it comes to choosing the Android 3.0 Honeycomb Motorola Xoom over the Apple iPad 2 or visa versa, we have a two-part video comparison fight between the two tablet giants for your consideration below.

The Apple iPad 2 versus the Motorola Xoom comparison videos come our way courtesy of Aaron Baker over at Phone Dog with part one delivering almost sixteen minutes and part two delivering just over eleven minutes we have 26 minutes of up close and personal with the tablets.

I’m pretty sure you already know the spec differences between the Apple iPad 2 and the Motorola Xoom and that it also places the latest Android operating system against Apple iOS platform, so I won’t go over that old ground here.

As usual with such comparisons the faithful on both side will come down on their respective tablets, so I’ll simply leave you to check out the tablet fight between the iPad 2 and the Xoom o make up your own mind…enjoy.


12 thoughts on “Xoom Challenges iPad 2 in Comparison Fight Videos”

  1. Blake says:

    your an idiot how can you call the ipad 2 a honda civic the Xoom looks like sh$$, it lags, and its imposible to use in comparison to the iPad 2

    1. AppleFUD says:

      You are an iDiot and obviously have not used a Xoom at all.

      Stupid iFans always saying things that they know nothing about. Educate yourself a little, try something different, stretch your mind. . . or just admit your an Apple shill paid to make stupid comments on anything that is overly pro-apple.

  2. AppleFUD says:

    I wouldn't mind an Apple iOS device (iPad 2) if. . .

    if they didn't require iTunes for everything,
    if I could install apps from wherever I want instead of iTunes/app store only,
    if iOS had a file manager so I could easily move files to the device instead of using iTunes sync for everything,
    if apple would play nice with other ecosystems so I'm not such an island to myself,
    if apple would use standard ports and memory expansion,
    if I didn't have to use a PC to setup the device–post pc device my butt,
    if apple would stop being such a control freak "do it only one way (our way)" company an give users what they want instead of what Apple wants,
    if I could use a mouse with the device when needed–what??? might make it functional?,
    if they would produce more than one form factor–the Asus Eee Pad Transformer is a much better form factor,
    if apple and their fans weren't so freaking full of themselves. . .

  3. TabletBuyer says:

    The review fails to mention any of the REAL advantages of the Xoom, and whether they actually work…..What file formats do both tablets support eg. docx, xlsx, pdf, jpeg etc.. – any MS Office support on either device? What video and audio formats are supported? Is the MicroSD Slot functional yet? Can you attach a USB external HDD to the Xoom, to drag & drop video/audio/ data files (or even watch from an externl USB device)? can you actually watch 1080p content? Why not demonstrate the FLASH support on websites? Can the Xoom be easily linked to other POP Email Clients and/or Exchange Server? Does anyone have any answers to these questions???? It would be most helpful if reviewers considered these more relevant issues, so that consumers can decide whether a tablet is worth investing in over a netbook/laptop?

    1. Mike says:

      So true.

      I have held off on a tablet because I am waiting for a viable device that does what I want it to. The Xoom may be that device but I didn't get enough information in this dogfight to change my mind in any measure. I want:

      1080p playback and output, streaming options, integration with devices on my network, memory expansion, hack-ability.

      I got no answers here unfortunately but I do appreciate the effort.

  4. SequiMike says:

    Very good review! My only suggestion would be to make a few improvements in the camera work. It's distracting to see your reflection (with elaborate camera) on the screen, as it is to see the screen bob around and shake. How about making a simple stand that would keep them still and be at such an angle that your image would be out of the reflection? Just my $.02 worth.

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