iPhone 5 Wont Have iOS 5 in June: Your Thoughts

Recently there has been rumour that Apple may push out the next iteration of their operating system, iOS 5 next month, although nothing was heard about iOS 5 during the Apple iPad 2 event. However the word is now that iOS 5 will not make an appearance until later in the year.

According to an article over on Phone Dog, the guys over at Tech Crunch are claiming a couple of “solid sources” have Apple might unveil iOS 5 during WWDC in June however will not release the OS at that time.

Apparently the word is iOS 5 will not see release until a new version of the Apple iPad and will be built around the cloud with new Apple services, apparently one of which could be a “music locker” service and possibly a friends and family location service.

Thus if this new rumour is spot on it means the iPhone 5 probably wont come out to play packing iOS 5, Apple usually launches a new iPhone alongside a new iOS, but it appear if true Apple is changing tactics.

So when Apple unveils the iPhone 5 it will probably come out sporting iOS 4+, but will Apple break from tradition with the iPhone 5 and iOS 5? We’d like to hear your thoughts on this latest rumour, which you can voice to our comments area below.


4 thoughts on “iPhone 5 Wont Have iOS 5 in June: Your Thoughts”

  1. theewolf says:

    We heard rumors 2-3 weeks prior to Apple's announcement of the iPad 2 that the iPad 2 was going to be delayed till summer and iPhone 5 pushed to September. I didn't believe it then and sure enough Apple proved us wrong on the iPad 2! So Apple product news has been slow so some yahoo's got to start it up again to get attention and readers. Apple will have an event in April to preview iOS 5 and give us the low down on iPad 2 sales over then past month. They will continue with their June/July of the next generation iPhone and it will come with iOS 5. It's got to be this way as the competion from HTC, Motorola, and Samsung has got tough and Android has continued to evolve in to imaginative software, while iOS has got old and stagnant. Apple's changes though have to be a home run hit out of the park with some significant changes or people are going elsewhere! Don't get me wrong I will stay with Apple though others are on the edge waiting and if it doesn't blow them away they will fall off and go elsewhere. So take a breath as it will all fall in line as it has the past 4 years!
    The WolPack }:->

  2. WooHoo! says:

    OF COURSE! I've just figured it out!

    White iPhone 4 is set for a spring release, and the iPhone 4 has recently been brought to Verizon and iOS 4.3 arrived with it. Apple bringing out white soon will keep interest in the iPhone until…

    iPhone 5 will come in September, similar timing to the iPods, sport iOS 5, and dare I say it, an iPad 3 or 2.5 (updated 2).

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