HTC EVO 3D Accessories: New Kickstand Release

We all know that the HTC EVO 3D comes with no kickstand, well now we can all be happy because a new case has a prop-up section on the back.

Kickstands are a very popular part of the EVO 4G handset, how many mobiles comes without kickstands, which can be a problem when wanting to relax watching videos, making video calls. It is nice to out that handset on a desk so that you can sit back and relax, so HTC EVO 3D users will be happy to hear that a kickstand is coming.

Andrew Kameka of Androinica went to the Sprint CTIA booth and asked why a kickstand was not on the latest EVO, the answer came back saying “As you know, the kickstand needs to be part of the device,” a Sprint rep explained to me. “Because of the two 3D cameras and the battery, there wasn’t room for it.”

Well the above issue has now got an answer thanks to HTC because they have developed a case with a kickstand built on; this new case design has not yet been finalized nor has the price and availability.

The HTC EVO 3D is launching this summer and shortly after the smartphone’s release the new case should release, the EVO 3D handset should have come with a kickstand considering it has the new 3D technology and people would like to watch things handsfree.

For more information on the HTC EVO 3D please check out Mark’s previous article covering a hands-on and specs, you may also be interested in seeing the first commercial video of the handset.

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