iPhone 5 Not at WWDC, Early Next Year Release

Well now we’ve just posted word that Apple has now gone all official with the dates for their Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco, when most are expecting the unveiling of the next generation iPhone, the iPhone 5.

However according to an article over on 9to5 Mac, Jim Dalrymple of The Loop is reporting that no Apple hardware will be unveiled during this years WWDC so that means no new Apple iPads, Macs or iPhones, including the iPhone 5.

As reported, WWDC 2011 will concentrate on iOS and Mac OS so it looks like Apple is breaking with their usual pattern for launching new iPhone handsets.

This seems to be further confirmed by Japanese website Macotakara who reports that production of the iPhone 5 will not go into mass production until later this year and intimates an early 2012 launch for the iPhone 5.

Of course Apple did release the Verizon iPhone not too long ago, and there’s rumour that the white iPhone 4 is coming sometime in spring, so perhaps Apple has decided that June is not the right time to release the 5th generation handset.

If true will you be disappointed if Apple doesn’t come out with the iPhone 5 during WWDC 2011?


3 thoughts on “iPhone 5 Not at WWDC, Early Next Year Release”

  1. RobertJ says:

    Disappointed YES! However it makes sense. I think that the coming of 4G and the apparent disruption of parts from Japan seem to indicate a later year announcement. And maybe some surprises in architecture. I just wish the carriers would allow us to upgrade before two years without penalty.

  2. itrader says:

    When they decided not to bring iphone5, they couldn't just say we're not bringing iphone5, so they said " the greatest new revolution to end all revolutions in ios".

    They actually thought that after saying that you wouldn't even think about the iphone5.

  3. Alfredo Fernandez Garcia says:

    I believe that apple knows what he is doing. Whit the implementation of powerful programs like iWork suite to the iphone or many applications demanding high performance devices, they definitely demonstrate that this phone is powerful enough to do all the things you need to do for productivity or business. iOS 5, makes iPhone 4 more powerful delivering features that no one has ever delivered before. It would be wrong to replace iphone 4 right now since the meaning of iOS is changing with the implementation of iCloud, that makes iphone independent from any other device. It’s important to remember that this simple feature makes your iPhone a little more like a computer. What is coming with all the updates made to iOS, is yet to be discovered. Iphone 5 will definitely bring more than anyone expects if there is time to develop new ideas and make everything just work, as always, beautifully.

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