LG Optimus Big Possibly Launching in Korea

It appears that there’s a new Optimus smartphone coming out of the LG camp, the device apparently has the codename of the LG Optimus Big and is said to sport the same Nova display tech found on the LG Optimus Black.

According to the guys over on Phone Arena and by way of Korean website Xportsnews, the LG Optimus Big will sport a single-core 1GHz processor, a 4.3-inch display and feature a T-DMB TV tuner and the word is the LG Optimus Big should show up on the LG U+ carrier sometime next month.

Other than those details mentioned there’s not a lot known about LG’s latest Optimus smartphone and of course there’s no word on whether the LG Optimus Big will ever leave Korean shores, or any word on pricing.

According to the Phone Arena article when they compared the Nova display against Super AMOLED, ClearBlack AMOLED and Retina Display, the Nova display with its 700 nits of brightness outshone them all; so more on the LG Optimus Big as and when we hear it.


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  1. LG's New optimus big 4.3 inch Nova is look like an excellent phone 4.3 inch means we can enjoy videos, games, etc., more happily price should be low and we don't say that will this phone competitor to Samsung, Motorola or Sony Ericsson.

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