Apple iPad 2 Hits RadioShack Today

If you haven’t managed to grab the latest iOS tablet from Apple yet you might like to know that as of today RadioShack will offer the Apple iPad 2 at 500 of its most heavily used stores, so if one of those stores is near you, you just might be able to grab the tablet today.

According to an article over on Phone Arena by way of Apple Insider, RadioShack sent out a corporate memo to the chosen stores letting them know they will get the Apple iPad 2 after a deal between RadioShack and Apple was finalised in the last few days.

However, there are no other details and no word on what the next generation Apple iPad will cost from RadioShack, but if you want to find those 500 locations that will offer the tablet you can do so by hitting up here.

No word on what time the Apple iPad 2 will go on sale at those 500 RadioShack stores or how many units they’ll have in stock, so perhaps a quick phone call to your local store may prove beneficial if you still require the Apple tablet, let us know if you are successful.

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