Make It Or Break It iOS App: Fan Central Ultimate

If you are a fan of Make It Or Break It then what you need is a fan central iOS app to keep you on top of things, this app is for the ultimate fan.

The Make It Or Break It Fan Central app via iTunes is only 59p and it will get you even closer to stars such as Cassie Scerbo, Burr Abel, Johnny Pacar, Josie Loren, Chelsea Hobbs and many more, this application for your iOS device is a must.

If you would like instant access to Twitter with a click of a button then it is here, if you want YouTube videos then that is also included within this app, you can also check out Flickr photos too.

This app contains a personalized Twitter client for each cast member and also gives you the stars videos, photos and posted web pages. Check out exclusive videos including outtakes, personal memos, scene interviews, paparazzi footage, slideshow view of thousands of Make It photos and so much more.

Visit iTunes and download this cool Make It Or Break It Fan Central app for your iOS device, have fun and please enjoy.

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