F1 News 2011 iOS HD App: Formula One Season Info

Fans of the Formula One motor racing will be so pleased to hear that the F1 News 2011 iOS HD app is now ready for download and what an application it is. This is the best and only app you need for all the latest news info covering the 2011 F1 season.

This app has so much to offer such as Formula 1 news, Driver and Constructors standings, enhanced information such as Team, Nationality, Base, Team Principle, etc, this app will also give you information covering the race calendar including individual track guides, information and weather, View each story in the app or via the website and you can share via Email, Twitter or Facebook.

Who is you favourite driver? You can read the views on Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button, Fernando Alonso, Michael Schumacher and also read information following Ferrari, McLaren Mercedes, Williams, Red Bull and all the other teams.

This app will give you 24 hour coverage of all the latest happening, no need for newspapers now. This app also features: Native iPad support, Background updating of news on the latest news feed, Enriched driver profiles, Ad free, Additional information on each circuit on the calendar, Enhanced constructor profiles and Simple to use, quick to update, plus Easy to get to all the best Formula 1 sites without using Google.

You can download this app via iTunes for only £1.19, for more information please visit iNewsApps, please do watch the YouTube video below as well to give you a quick insight of what the F1 News 2011 HD app has to offer.

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