Gluten Free Diet Survival Guide App: Recipes & Symptoms

If you would like to learn more about gluten free diets then you may like the G-Free Diet: A Gluten Free Survival Guide by Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Peter Green, this is a stunning iOS app that will give you all the information you need.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck for a few years could not understand what was making her sick, she went to nutritionists and doctors but no answers to her sickness was revealed. When she went to Australia outback she lived off the land on the popular TV show Survivor and whilst doing her symptoms vanished.

Her sickness was down to her diet; this app will give you plenty of information on how to enjoy a completely normal, healthy life on a gluten-free diet.

This exclusive book app reveals all you need to know such as sharing recipes, start living a gluten-free life, how to read food labels, creating G-Free shopping lists and so much more.

Main App Features Include: Each title includes cover art, front matter, running heads and page numbers, Vertical and horizontal page orientation, Swipe to turn the page, Brightness adjustment with paper-like backgrounds, Adjust font size with a pinch, text re-flows automatically, Table of Contents incorporates one-click navigation, Natural book-like reading experience with full pagination, plus Create margin notes with user notation, Search the text within a book and Integrates with iTunes bookstore.

This app is £7.49 but it is worth it for the information it has within, please visit iTunes for more information and option to install.

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