Apple iPad 2 Destroyed in Slow Mo TV Commercial

Now obviously if you own an Apple iPad 2 you aren’t about to go shooting your beloved iOS tablet are you, but accessory maker Zagg wants to bring home to Apple iPad 2 users that the world is a dangerous place and thus you should protect your shiny new Apple gear.

Thus Zagg has put out a TV commercial whereby the Apple iPad 2 gets shot and destroyed, and all in slow motion so you don’t miss that destruction. Of course we have that TV commercial for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of the guys over at Daily iPhone Blog.

Zagg is obviously touting their accessories for the iOS tablet with the commercial and use the tag line “Protect, stylise & accessorise your precious gadgets,” although one does have to say having your Apple iPad 2 shot whilst out and about is somewhat rare.

Having said that, if you do enjoy seeing gadgets exploded in slow mo then head on down, hit that play button and check out the footage, oh, and don’t try this at home…enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Apple iPad 2 Destroyed in Slow Mo TV Commercial”

    1. JMC says:

      Zagg is stupid. I received the product for just the back of my iPad2 yesterday, the nearly flat shaped bottle of solution needed to wet the Zagg was empty (FAIL), the film was misaligned – camera hole was off requiring a great deal of manipulation of the material which equaled unacceptable result (FAIL). Tore it off, scrunched it into a ball and swore a lot of wasted $30. NOT WINNING!
      Went to the mall today and visited a competitor's cart (conveniently located outside of an Apple store) who expertly installed a matte finish film that looks great. WINNING!

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