Android Trojan Targets Pirate App Users

If you are an Android user and download legal apps to your smartphone then you probably wont come across a new Android Trojan that’s recently been discovered, but if you are in the habit of user prated app then you could well be a target of the Android Trojan known as Android.Walkinwat.

According to an article over on PC World, the guys over at Symantec have found the latest threat in the form of Android.Walkinwat differs from other Trojans as it targets those who download pirate versions of apps rather than legitimate ones.

Apparently Android.Walkinwat poses as a pirate version of the legit Android app “Walk and Text,” and what the Android.Walkinwat Trojan does is gather info from the device and then informs the user they have been caught downloading a pirate version, and then shoots off an SMS to all your contacts outing you are a pirate app user by sending…

“Hey, just downloaded a pirated App off Internet, Walk and Text for Android. Im stupid and cheap, it costed only 1 buck. Don’t steal it like I did!”

Apparently the Trojan uses an app that legitimate Android apps use for licence management and licence verification library to prevent piracy called “LicenceCheck.”

However, if you have been targeted by the Android.Walkinwat Trojan, removal is fairly easy as all you do is go to settings, application management, select the app and uninstall.

So, any of our Android toting readers been hit by Android.Walkinwat?

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