Attract Birds to Your Yard iPad App: iBird HD

If you love birds then iBird Yard HD for iPad is definitely a download you should consider, how to attract birds to your yard is easy enough but to name all species is hard. Let this app help you with all the details you need.

iBird Yard is a stunning interactive guide to most of the planets species found in your backyard of North America, so far the app contains over 86 birds to the database including raptors and common shorebirds. This app has many photos, illustrations, bird calls plus comprehensive facts to help you identify and enjoy 234 North American bird species.

You do not need internet connection with this Apple iPad app because all the data is right there for you, this app will allow you to sync Notes and Favorites with iTunes.

Features Include: Attributes are grouped into basic, head and flight related area, Taxonomic and Alphabetical family sort options on Browse screen and Updated state and province bird lists using official references.

Main Features Include: 2 hours of audio bird songs and calls from the Macaulay Library at the Lab of Ornithology, Over 300 24-bit color high resolution hand-drawn illustrations from professional artists, 600 24-bit photos from respected expert photographers, Parameter-driven decision engine for quickly identifying birds by their shape, colour, location, habitat, head pattern, flight pattern, bill shape, length attributes, and Play bird songs and calls to attract birds right to your iPad for easier identification, clearer photographs and more enjoyment.

You can even find out more about behaviour, and habitat information, including everything from eye colour, Full colour range maps for every species, Links to detailed Wiki pages and hundreds of Flickr photos for each bird, Bookmark birds as favourites for fast access – use multiple favourite lists for keeping track of all your observations, Time and date stamped Notes for each species also sync with iTunes for backup and even Lifetime updates to bird information.

For more information please visit ibird.com, or simply install direct via Apple iTunes, this is a great app to have on your iPad. If you already have this application, please use the commenting area below and send in your personal reviews.


One thought on “Attract Birds to Your Yard iPad App: iBird HD”

  1. michael says:

    As a completely impartial iBird user, I just wanted to say I don’t think you paid enough attention to the incredible, hand-drawn colour illustrations by some of the best wildlife artists in the business…

    …besides, they took me AGES!


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