iPad 2 Xray Hack: Jason Bradbury April Fools Joke?

Can you really use the new Apple iPad 2 camera as an Xray machine? Well, there is a new video of a new iPad 2 Xray hack by Jason Bradbury.

The Gadget Show presenter is in a YouTube video courtesy of Expansys TV where he has discovered that the Apple iPad 2 can be used as an Xray machine using some cling film and an infrared digital camera lens, oh and a person to take a photo of Jason Bradbury.

Jason wraps the iPad 2 camera in clingfilm just twice as that is enough, aligns the infrared camera and gives the iPad 2 to another man who takes the photo of Jason, when the present gets the iPad 2 back he strips of the clingfilm and shows us the photo of himself.

Yes the photo does show that you can see right through Jason Bradbury’s clothes, like the superman boxer shorts Mr Gadget Show man.

Personally we believe this to be a hoax, you know an April Fools Day joke, please watch the video and let us know what you think. Is it real or just a prank?

Source – Expansys Blog


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