Verizon Store iPhone 4 Outsold by HTC Thunderbolt

Those of you visiting the Verizon Store seem to like the HTC Thunderbolt rather than the Apple iPhone 4 according to an analyst.

Many customers waited anxiously for the new HTC Thunderbolt 4G LTE smartphone and once it was finally released many Verizon customers opted for this handset rather than the iPhone 4 and Research firm BTIG put out a report on this.

The research company made 150 calls to Verizon Stores across 22 cities and got information back reporting 61 percent of the stores were selling the HTC Thunderbolt and the iPhone 4 at the same rate whereas 28 percent of the stores were selling more Thunderbolt’s over the iPhone 4.

We are very surprised the Thunderbolt has done so well considering many of our readers were complaining about the HTC Thunderbolt delay issues, well it seems the delay was not a problem after all.

Now this is where we ask all Verizon customers a simple question where you can vote using our poll system below this article. Please choose what Verizon smartphone you bought via the Stores.

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Source — BGR via Droid-Life


One thought on “Verizon Store iPhone 4 Outsold by HTC Thunderbolt”

  1. j - r. o. c. says:

    I got the thunderbolt 4g cause it has 4g, the 4.3" screen & it's 2.2 froyo( upgradable to 2.3 & possibly 3.0 honeycomb ). ialso had the samsung fasinate but samsung decided not to upgrade so i went with a phone that i know that's gonna keep their promises to upgrade( sorry samsung, u lost my respect ). the graphics on this phone is awsome. only thing i gotta prob with this phone is the battery life( will get the 1600 battery soon ). Other than that it's a 1der4 phone & i'm enjoying it!!!!

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