Nokia to Release 40 New Devices In 2011

It would appear that Nokia shouldn’t be counted as out for the count when it comes to the mobile space, as the word is Nokia is aiming to launch a bundle of devices this year in a bid to regain their dominance of the smartphone arena.

According to an article over on Tech2 and by way of Hindustan Times, Nokia is looking to launch 40 new devices this year with 12 of those devices being smartphones. Apparently a Nokia exec close to the development has said… “We will be launching 40 models in 2011 of which at least 30% would be smartphones.”

Nokia has recently seen hard competition from the likes of BlackBerry and the iPhone, and a recent report by IDC claims that Nokia market share in India has fallen, although Nokia disagrees.

According to the Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker report, IDC claims that Android is the most favourable with the masses, which is followed by BlackBerry, Apple’s iOS, then Symbian and Windows Phone 7, although again Nokia disagrees with the figures.

Personally it doesn’t surprise me that Android is tops and Symbian is way behind, but with the ever changing landscape of the smartphone arena what OS is tops today can quickly change, although I would say Nokia has a way to go to get anywhere near that top slot.


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