Third of Smartphone Users Refuse to Pay For Apps

We have had a report sent to us via email and it hits on a very good point about smartphone users refusing to pay for apps, please do take a read and let us know if you pay for apps or you simply stick with the free ones.

In a bid to discover more about the application use of Smartphone users, a new study by the company behind the MyVoucherCodes app has revealed that 34% of Smartphone users ‘never’ pay for apps. When asked why, the majority claimed to feel ‘ripped off’ when having to purchase apps.

A new study into the application use of Smartphone owners in the UK has revealed that more than a third, 34%, of Smartphone users ‘never’ pay for applications. Despite this, 98% of Smartphone owners taking part in the study had downloaded free applications on to their mobile device.

The study polled 1,472 Smartphone owners across the UK, and was conducted by the company behind the MyVoucherCodes App. The research was conducted in a bid to discover more about usage habits of Smartphone owners and how the cost of apps impacts their decision to download them.

Respondents to the study were initially asked, “How often to you download paid-for apps?” to which a third, 34%, of respondents answered ‘never.’ Just a fifth, 21%, of respondents answered ‘regularly;’ whilst the majority, 45%, answered ‘occasionally.’

Those who claimed to ‘never’ purchase paid-for apps were asked why this was the case. The majority, 46%, cited that they felt ‘ripped off’ when having to pay for Smartphone apps; whilst a third, 31%, of those asked simply felt that all Smartphone applications ‘should be free’. 13% stated that they ‘couldn’t afford’ to purchase apps.

Respondents to the study were also asked, ‘Do you think that paid-for apps are of a better quality than free apps?’ More than half, 58%, of respondents answered ‘no’, whilst 12% said that paid-for apps are ‘occasionally’ better than free apps.

According to the research, just over a tenth, 12%, of the respondents who took part in the study had downloaded more ‘paid apps’ than ‘free apps’ on their Smartphone. However, in contrast, 79%, of the respondents admitted to having downloaded more ‘free apps’ than ‘paid apps’. The remaining 9% had equal numbers of apps, or were unsure.

Mark Pearson, chairman of the company behind the MyVoucherCodes App, commented on the findings:

“There are a great variety of reasons for downloading apps for a Smartphone; whether it simply be to occupy boredom, provide entertainment or genuinely help everyday life. Many apps really can help with everyday problems, as with the MyVoucherCodes App, which can be downloaded for free and helps make savings on everyday purchases. No matter what the reason, Smartphones can already be quite the expense, so it is understandable why some users then feel that they shouldn’t have to pay additional money for apps.”

He continued:

“The great thing about free apps is that they only take seconds to download and won’t dent your wallet. Whilst there are also some great paid- for apps, it really is the Smartphone owner’s decision whether or not they want to fork out the expense. Often, there are free alternatives to most paid-for apps, which can be a great way to save the pennies.’

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Just wish to say a big thankyou to Charlotte Horsfall of 10 Yetis Public Relations for the news above.


One thought on “Third of Smartphone Users Refuse to Pay For Apps”

  1. xsylus says:

    I'll admit that I might use a "pirated" app just to test it out but with smartphone apps constantly being updated it's just easier to give in and buy them once I've decided that it's an app I want or need. I have several pay apps on my Droid but I mostly look for free alternatives. Some apps, IMO, are way too expensive but for the most part the apps are reasonably priced. There are more free apps in the Android market than in the Apple market. I'm starting to develop my own apps so as my developer skills improve I may be able to write my own versions of a pay apps so I won't have to buy them. The main reason I don't like buying apps is because I'm broke.

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