Hitpad App for Apple iPad: Top Trending Topics Deliverer

With the ever-increasing amount of content being produced a user can spend quite a bit of their valuable time sifting though the abundance of content, but there’s a new iOS app that has become available that can cut down that time for you.

The iOS app is called Hitpad and is for the Apple iPad and basically the application distils the most popular content and delivers it to the user with the most important topics of the day and highlights why the topic is important and could be of interest to the user.

The Hitpad app home screen delivers a list of the top trending topics of the day and when a user taps a single trending topic they receive an aggregated view of all they need to know about that topic, and there is the ability to zoom on individual items to read such as photos, video, the web, tweets and news.

With Hitpad for the Apple iPad, users also have the ability to share any item via email, Twitter or posting to Facebook or can even save for later reading using Instapaper.

So if you own an Apple iPad and want trending topics delivered to your iOS tablet running iOS 3.2 or above you can download Hitpad for the iPad as a free app from iTunes.


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