New Google Android Music Player App: The Cloud test

Well information is coming in that a new version of Android’s Music app, which is similar to the Honeycomb Music player found on tablets such as the XOOM, has been leaked to developers.

The music player is said to come with a rating system and an option for what is supposed to be Google’s cloud music service.

This news comes to us from the guys at Tech from 10 via Business Insider and whilst, the app is available for download from the Tech from 10 site, they have mentioned that they were unable to get the cloud service to work.

This is the clearest indication so far of the impending Google cloud service, which apparently Google employees are testing.

So why not download the new music player for yourself and see if you can get Google’s cloud service up, and running on your device. If you can or even if you can’t why not let us know, by leaving your comments below.

You may also be interested in reading my colleague Mark’s post on the Amazon Cloud Music Player.

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