HTC Incredible S Available in Canada on Bell and Virgin

Well now it appears that the Canadian’s have for once managed to beat their American cousins to the punch when it comes to gaining a new smartphone, but apparently Canada is getting the new HTC Incredible S smartphone before the US.

According to an article over on Android Police and by way of Unwired View, the guys over at Mobile Syrup are reporting that Bell Canada and Virgin Mobile Canada have now made the Android 2.2 Froyo HTC Incredible S available.

Price wise Bell is offering the HTC Incredible S at $99.95 with a 3-year agreement, while Virgin Mobile is offering the Android smartphone for a few cents more at $99.99 and again based on signing on for a 3-year term.

If you prefer the without contract route, the HTC Incredible S will hit your pocket for $499.95 from Bell or $499.99 from Virgin Mobile, so not a great deal of difference price wise for both carriers.

So if you’re in Canada, which carrier will you opt to go for if you want the HTC Incredible S smartphone, Bell or Virgin Mobile?

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