iPhone FaceTime Glitch Problem: Privacy & Security Issues

Many iPhone users are now using FaceTime with no problems at all, but now according to a few customers there seems to be a problem and in that we mean a glitch in the system.

We visited 9to5Mac and they report via the Apple Discussions forum that the FaceTime glitch problem brings up random images, one user apparently was using FaceTime as so was her boyfriend when an old picture freezes on their display screen, the person on the other person receiving the call can only see a black screen.

One more comment is worth mentioning because when they used FaceTime it was said that the camera keeps random images that were not even taken on their iPhone and do not seem to originate from past FaceTime calls, they said “Just minutes ago when I called my girlfriend and I saw a “picture” of myself from today when I was at the office. I know it was from today because I had the exact same shirt. The weirdest thing is that picture is not stored on my iPhone.”

Now you would think restoring the Apple iPhone and re-installing all apps manually would help but apparently it does not, this is a serious glitch that should not be taken lying down because it could potentially breech privacy and security issues.

Now think about this glitch for a moment, if the iPhone whilst in FaceTime is taking random screenshots or photos could the glitch take random screenshots of your bank apps whilst open giving other people on FaceTime your bank details?

Please let us know if you have had any problems like those above when it comes to FaceTime calls, this is serious and we want to hear from you.


One thought on “iPhone FaceTime Glitch Problem: Privacy & Security Issues”

  1. Tobias says:

    almost every time I make a call I get a random picture of myself or my palm. Nothing seems to fix it but starting a call, end it and call back. Just ending the call before the other person has recieved it does not resovle the problem. they have to answer first. My whole family have experienced it and some of my friends too. It is not iphone to iphone specific as it happens between iphone – mac as well. really anoying and I have hoped that the last two updates should fix this but nothing so far.

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