Unlimited Google Voice and Text to Mobile Offer from Sprint

For those over in the good ole US of A that use Sprint as their preferred network, it appears that you are about to get unlimited Google Voice calls and texts to mobile phones on any carrier, and apparently this has been confirmed.

According to an article over on Itproportal and by way of Skatter Tech, during CTIA 2011 a Sprint product manager confirmed that the carrier would offer unlimited voice and text to Google Voice users.

Google Voice features offered to Sprint customers will include call screening, answering calls via their computer, answer calls to any number both mobile and fixed line, view voicemail transcripts, create customisable voicemail greetings for different callers, international calls at a cheap rate, block selected callers, and block telemarketers.

However, there is apparently a downside, Sprint will knock off minutes for incoming calls from a mobile phone number regardless of carrier as the infrastructure can’t recognise if the incoming call from Google Voice is from a mobile number, which means your allocated minutes will drain when you take a call from a Google Voice user.

Not too sure what Google Voice is all about? Then we have a quick video for your viewing pleasure below called Sprint + Google Voice courtesy of the Google Voice YouTube page, so check it out below.

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