iPhone 5 Delay Could Mean August or September Release

Could the release of the iPhone 5 be delayed, due to mounting pressure from its competitors?

Latest news is that Apple’s newest iPhone device could be delayed until either August or September. This comes amid reports that the introduction of new and improved Android enabled phones in stores, could be the cause of the iPhone now losing shares.

According to a Boy Genius Report on March 31, Walt Piecyk a BTIG analyst did a check on stores and his results revealed that at 28 percent of the locations, the Apple iPhone was being outsold by HTC’s Android enabled 4G Thunderbolt.

In addition, a claim made by Comscore, coming via a Market Playground article indicates that Android has a 33 percent slice of the smartphone market and therefore, its lead over Apple’s iOS is growing.

There is a possibility that the iPhone’s release date could be put back to later on in the year and if it is, will it really be due to Android muscling in on the market? We previously did an article on the possible introduction of LTE 4G to the device, another reason why the expected summer release may not happen.


One thought on “iPhone 5 Delay Could Mean August or September Release”

  1. Troof says:

    Bla bla bla. Wasn't the iPad 2 going to be delayed as well? Then it came out like 2 weeks later. Has Apple actually said it would be delayed? And how do you have a delay without first announcing a release date? Isn't a delay by definition missing a pre-announced date? Bunch of slow news day journalism, desperate for something to talk about.

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