New Dell 10-Inch Android Tablet On The Horizon

It looks like Dell want to join the tablet party in a big way, with the summer launch of a 10-inch Android enabled tablet.

Information is coming to us by way of a Forbes story via CNet and it is reported that a source at Dell claims that possibly by the middle of June the Android-based tablet would hit the market. Now this is a lot earlier, than the initial expected launch of next year sometime.

So if the news is to be accepted as the truth, Dell’s current Streak Android tablets the 5-inch and 7-inch, could be introduced to their ‘big brother’ the 10-inch very soon. However, I would point out that according to the Forbes story, the tablet is currently ‘unbranded’ and it is not known whether it will release with the ‘Streak’ name attached. We will just have to wait and see, hopefully not too long.

Forbes have also reported that there will be a delay in Dell’s new 10-inch Windows 7 tablet being released, now looking like it will be in the fall and not as Dell announced by the middle of this year.

Also, of interest might be my Colleague James’ article on a Microsoft Windows 8 Tablet From Dell In 2012. Alternatively, for a bit of light entertainment why not check out Dell’s Promo Video for the Dell Streak, it is quite impressive.

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