LG 3D Tablet Release: iPad Competitor

Here is some great news surrounding LG’s new Optimus Pad (which has not been launched globally yet), according to an LG Senior Executive, India could be receiving the 3D tablet in June.

The Optimus Pad is believed to be priced around the Rs 30,000 and Rs 40,000 mark. However, LG Electronics business head for mobile communications, Vishal Chopra, has indicated that dependant on import duties and currency valuations the price could be less than Rs 30,000 at time of launch and that around the end of May, he will be in a better position to clarify the price.

Please note that because of price sensitivity in India the iPad has dropped in price from around Rs 28,000 in January to Rs 27,390 in April and Samsung had to bring the price of their Galaxy Tab down to Rs 29,299 from Rs 38,000. Therefore, this could have a bearing on Optimus Pad’s price when it is released in India.

This news comes to us by way of The Economic Times and indicates that LG’s Optimus Pad is likely to be a strong contender to Apple’s iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, as it is currently the only tablet at present with the capability of 3D display, making it stand out from the rest.

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So what tablet are you opting for? LG’s Optimus Pad, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, Apple’s iPad 2 or other, let us know below.


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