ClubWorld iOS App: Design Your Own Nightclub

Every fancied the idea of running your own nightclub, would you like to find out what it’s like and have a go? Well if you own an iOS device you can do just that with the ClubWorld iOS app from Tapulous.

The ClubWorld app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad enables the user to design and operate their very own nightclub in this real time simulation game whereby you can keep the music rolling in your nightclub with your iTunes playlist.

The ClubWorld iOS app features the ability to check out clubs by using special guest artists like David Guetta, and Tiësto at their clubs, visit friends clubs as you walk along the ClubWorld strip, experience Tap Tap is a special party round, and make friends via the music matchmaking system.

The ClubWorld app for the Apple iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone running iOS 3.0 or above can be downloaded to your iOS device from iTunes as a free download.


14 thoughts on “ClubWorld iOS App: Design Your Own Nightclub”

  1. double R$ says:

    well i have clubworld i got it yesterday and it work at my freinds but when i got home it said Connection issues please try again later i had wifi so please help

  2. Vlad says:

    I downloaded the app, very nice game, but I find that the loading times are too long. Also, the whole app crashed only 30 mins of using it and whenever I restart it brings me back to a the same screen it crashed on.

    The game is good, but the functionality sucks.

  3. So Lost says:

    Im stuck at a part of the game at which I must sell an item fmom my club, but have tried everything, looked everywhere to learn how to do this with no luck. If anyone has any info on how to sell a decor item from the club so I may earn another "party" session, I would really appreciate it….

    1. Taylor says:

      click on the arrow on the left of the screen and click design.. at the bottom of the menu you should see redesign button at the bottom. Click one of the decorative items and a purple sign whould pop up.. click it and it will ask you do you want to sell this item…. Hope that kinda helps

    2. Elle says:

      Tap the redesign button, tap any item you want to sell, then click on the purple dollar sign. It will ask permission from you if you want to sell the item.

  4. Pissed game user says:

    The SAVE button won't work when I try to redecorate my club or place purchased items in the club! It also won't let me expand my club eventhough I have enough sugar, enough money and ive reached the level required to expand. I've tried restarting the game, turned my phone off then back on, even deleted the game then redownloaded it and nothing! Anyone have any advice? I really dig the game but it always crashes, has network problems etc. Don't waste your money buying sugar like I did just to have the game break on you so u can't use it. All I can do in my game is earn money and socialize. I've accumulated over $1 million on the game and can't spend the money on anything!

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