Apple iPad 2 on Verizon Has Data Roaming Bug Problem

It appears that Apple iPad 2 customers with Verizon are experiencing a not too hunky-dory experience with their new iOS tablet as apparently the device has a rather annoying data roaming bug problem.

According to an article over on Slash Gear and by way of TUAW, and Gigaom, this data-roaming bug with the Verizon Apple iPad 2 happens once the customer sets up their account and the iOS tablet locks into Data Roaming Mode.

Here’s what Charles Jade of Gigaom notes…” the problem may be related to the Preferred Roaming List, which is an internal database common to CDMA devices that determines how the device connects to a network. Some Verizon iPad 2s just aren’t recognizing Verizon cell towers, so they display the “Roaming” indicator. Verizon doesn’t charge subscribers for U.S. data roaming, so there’s no extra cost involved, but the issue is still annoying.”

Apparently Apple and Verizon are in the process of replacing affected iPads, although the replacement iOS tablets will still probably suffer the same bug, but it is believed that iOS 4.3.2 will deliver a fix for the issue once it is released.

So have any of our Apple iPad 2 users on Verizon experienced this bug with their device?


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    I know customers aren't so happy about this, but I think it's actually good news. I was afraid that At&t would get crushed since the Verizon is pretty much better than At&t service wise. And with all the complaints about the iPhone on At&t, it's actually a good thing that the iPad 2 is having problems on Verizon. This will hopefully level the playing field, because I know many people jumped at the chance of switching service providers when verizon came out with the iPhone 4. I'm sure they'll create an update soon though to fix bugs since this is only a software problem

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  2. Barry says:

    The 4.3.2 update did NOT fix it for me. They're only solution now is to cancel the verizon account, reset the ipad2 and start from scratch so it will assign a new PRL. That's garbage! They need to fix the problem with the least impact to customers and stop pointing fingers at each other which they've done every time i've called.

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