Apple iPad 2 Accessories: Chef Sleeve Kitchen Protection

If you are one that does a lot of cooking and uses the Apple iPad 2 in the kitchen for recipes and stuff no doubt you’ll want to avoid accidentally spilling something over the iOS tablet, so what do you use to protect your device from kitchen spillage?

Well, what we have for your consideration today is the Chef Sleeve for the iPad 2, a clear FDA approved plastic bag that you slip your Apple iPad 2 into so it remains free from harm in the kitchen area whilst allowing access to your recipes.

So thus so you can see the Chef Sleeve in action we have a Chef Sleeve and egg test for your viewing consideration courtesy of the guys over at Daily iPhone Blog whereby TUAW editor Steve Sande tests out the protection sleeve, but how well does the Chef Sleeve stand up in the kitchen?

Well to find out you are going to have to head on down and hit that play button. The Chef Sleeve for the iPad 2 is available in a pack of 25 for $19.99 or a pack of 50 for $34.99 from Chefsleeve.com, and the Chef Sleeve package also doubles as an Apple iPad 2 stand…enjoy.


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