British Mobile Phone Users Wasting Money

Now everyone loves to own an mobile phone and the mobile phone has become an everyday need in life, but apparently British mobile phone users are wasting quite a bit of cash on their phone bills due to being on the wrong contract according to a recent report.

According to an article over on MSN UK Money, a recent study by Ofcom approved bill analysis service Billmonitor has found that subscribers on average waste 195 quid per year by being on the wrong contract, with 76 percent of those on monthly contracts are paying over the odds.

The study shows that subscribers in total are wasting almost a staggering £5 billion a year due to the problem of signing up to the wrong contract with 52 percent of users signing on for a contract that is too large for their requirements and using just a quarter of their monthly allowance.

On the flipside, apparently 29 percent have a contract that is too small and waste their cash of exceeding their monthly allowance on text, data and calls.

According to the figures, an average mobile phone user spends £439 per year while customers spent a whopping £719 million per year sending premium texts and calling premium numbers, £1.36 billion is spent on roaming charges and £502 million goes on texting and calling whilst overseas.

Sounds like there’s quite a bit of cash wastage in the UK doesn’t it, personally I never go over my allowance and have unlimited texts which I send a great deal of; so how about our readers, do you regularly go over your allowance or do you make sure you always remain inside?


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