T-Mobile Pulse Mini in Pink Under 20 Pounds

With an ever-increasing demand for Android enabled devices, we have a real treat for those that want to get in with this crowd.

For just 19.99 you could be the proud owner of a T-Mobile Pulse Mini in pink. The Pulse Mini is an android enabled phone and its price has been coming down for quite some time now.

With the economy as it is now and finances a bit tight for many of us, there is no better and cheaper way to get your hands on an android enabled phone, giving you access to thousands of Android apps.

The guys at Eurodroid bring this offer to our attention. However, please note that you will have to purchase a top-up credit of £10, which takes the price to £29.99, which is still a great bargain. So don’t delay, order your Pulse Mini online at the T-mobile shop.

Also, of interest why not check out our article on the Samsung Galaxy Mini available to order via T-Mobile.

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