Verizon iPad 2 Problems with 3G Network Connection

Some iPhone 4 and iPad 2 owners that were having 3G connectivity issues with AT&T, must have thought their dreams had been answered when the devices became available via Verizon’s network. However, this soon turned to heartache when the Verzion 3G data network experienced the same problems.

A few owners of the iPad 2 showed their frustration via online forums, by claiming that they had to reboot their devices in order to reconnect to the 3G network.

In an article by International Business Times, an Apple Discussions’ forum member known as Nixxon2000 indicated that when they tried to connect to the data network, the word ‘searching’ or ‘iPad’ would show in the top of the screen and that by only doing a hard reset, could they get it to work.

Austin M. another forum member noted: “I’m having a similar issue, except mine always says “roaming”. Nothing I’ve tried so far gets me to Verizon. Occasionally I’ll toggle airplane mode and 3G on/off and Verizon pops up but only for a moment them it switches back to roaming.”

Around the time when the Apple iPhone 4 was first launched with AT&T; many owners reported instances of signal-loss, which were found to have been caused by the way the phone was held (known as the “death grip”). However, this latest Verizon 3G problem is another setback that Apple could definitely do without.

What do you think, should the 3G issue rest at the feet of the network providers, or could there be an underlying issue with the Apple iPad 2?


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  1. Mike says:

    yea my iphone 4 today says it has 3g but no connection to the internet/ data. Set me back a lot as today was my busiest day and no emails were coming through the phone. Very disappointed.

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