Apple iPad 2 Dock Torn Down

Apparently its not just smartphones and tablets that get the teardown treatment these days as accessories do as well, as the Apple iPad 2 dock and Apple iPad dock has now been given the teardown treatment.

According to an article over on 9to5 Mac the guys over at iLounge have taken screwdriver to iPad dock and done the necessary deed to discover what the Apple gear accessory hides within its shell and discovers why the iPad 2 dock is heavier than the iPad 1 dock.

So the reason is apparently Apple shove a metal plate inside their iOS docks, here’s what iLounge says…

” First, if you’ve ever wondered how Apple gets those docks to feel substantial, the answer’s not tiny sandbags. Each version of the Dock actually has a huge, heavy metal plate inside molded with a “Zinc-3” legend on its undercarriage. These plates actually jut up to form the reclining mini-walls found behind the iPads, which is to say that Apple’s Docks are far sturdier than their pretty little glossy white plastic exteriors would suggest.”

As for what else lurks hidden within the confines of the Apple iPad 2 dock, apparently not much else, a spring loaded dock connector, a dock connector cable and a small circuit board, so there’s just as much empty area in the dock as used area, but if you want to complete low down on the teardown you can check out the iLounge website.

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