iPhone 5 Release Now September or October Says Analyst

It seems there is a never-ending debate by analysts on just when Apple is likely to deliver the release of the next generation iPhone, the iPhone 5, with speculation either pointing towards June/July, August/September or sometime in 2012.

However a new iPhone 5 release date has now entered the debate as according to an article over on Economy News, investment bank Jeffries say they expect the iPhone 5 to launch in September/October.

Apparently an analyst mentioned in a note… “The strength of the HTC Thunderbolt at Verizon and the likely success of competitively priced LTE Android tablets may indeed cause Apple some heartache if it does not have a response until 2012. We think a Sep/Oct unification launch for iOS devices makes sense and also see an LTE iPad launch in the Fall as a possibility (though not as likely as the iPhone 5).”

So depending on what you tend to believe, Apple might release the iPhone 5 in June, or July, or August, or September, or October, or later this year, or early next year, and if you believe this latest prediction we may also be seeing an LTE enabled Apple iPad, but if that’s the case what about an LTE enabled iPhone?

I’ve said it many times before and will continue saying it, not all the analysts can be right, and the only people who know for sure about release dates for iOS devices work for Apple, the iPhone 5 will release when it releases that’s all we can really say for sure.


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