Verizon Inventory Shows White iPhone 4: Its Coming

It’s been quite some time since Apple first promised the iOS faithful the white version of the iPhone 4, since then there have been numerous rumours that the white iPhone 4 would materialise eventually, with Apple lastly saying the much hyped handset would release in spring.

Well it looks like the device that has been as elusive as a unicorn if finally about to make an appearance as according to the guys over at 9to5 Mac they have confirmation of an imminent launch of the white iPhone 4 in both 16GB and 32GB flavours.

Apparently the guys have come across the pale version of the iPhone 4 languishing in the internal inventory system of Verizon, leading the guys to believe that Apple is finally coming good on their promise to deliver the white iPhone 4 in spring.

Although the screenshots of the Verizon inventory system don’t actually say “white iPhone 4”, going by sources and the numbering system, which is MC679, while the black version is one digit lower at MC678 and this is also the same for the Apple iPad 2 in black and white.

Thus judging by those points it does appear that Verizon customers at least should be able to pick up the white iPhone 4 quite soon. So anyone still wanting to snap up the white iPhone 4?


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